The Bhutan School of Metalsmithing Arts

A non-profit dedicated to aiding Bhutanese students with an interest in learning the metalsmithing trade.

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Thimphu, Bhutan
Park City, UT, USA

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  • The Bhutan School of Metalsmithing Arts
    A non-profit dedicated to teaching the metalsmithing trade to aspiring young Bhutanese students so they may spread their nation's message of love.

Our Mission


We aim to provide training and skills to Bhutanese students who wish to pursue independence through a career in metalsmithing or jewelry making. Through education, training, and sponsorship we hope to improve the lives of young Bhutanese and spread their message of love across the globe.

Skilling programs such as ours provide opportunity to young Bhutanese and are made possible by His Royal Majesty the King of Bhutan.

Why Bhutan?

It sure seems like there is an endless need for aid both at home, and across the globe. So why should we help the young people of Bhutan?

Simply put, love.

There is a profound respect for all life here, and this message needs to be heard by all of us. It is a small country with an even smaller population and this deeply infectious goodness abounds. We hope that art can be a vehicle to spread this message of love to a world that dearly needs it.

Bhutan: A Carbon Negative Nation

Take a look at the Kingdom of Bhutan, their passion for life, sustainable energy, and our Earth.


Together we can spread the Bhutanese message of love across the world.

If you or someone you know are able to help in anyway, please reach out and contact us. We're all ears!

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