The Bhutan School of Metalsmithing Arts

A non-profit dedicated to aiding Bhutanese students with an interest in learning the metalsmithing trade.

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Thimphu, Bhutan
Park City, UT, USA

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Our Projects and Areas of Need

As we build our classroom, we are looking for help in a few key areas

Key Interests

Building Construction

We want to build a dedicated structure that will house a smithing studio for students and a storefront/display room for showcasing finished work and handling sales.


We aim to furnish our smithing studio with jewelry-making benches and tools for fifteen students. Our classroom will be stocked and outfitted just as well as any other jewelry school.

Student Housing

We hope to have a second and third floor of our new building dedicated soley to the housing of students and teachers. Our building will be as carbon neutral as possible, abiding by the sustainable development principles of Bhutan.


Exemplary students and those who desire specialty training would be allowed to pursue added education with the help of Scholarships. Further guidance in the art of jewelry-making, marketing, and selling would be taught by various professionals in the business.

Supplemental Staff

As our program grows, there will continue to be a need for highly skilled mentors and educators. We hope to staff a year-round school with specialists from each corner of the jewelry and metalsmithing world.


Together we can spread the Bhutanese message of love across the world.

If you or someone you know are able to help in anyway, please reach out and contact us. We're all ears!

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