The Bhutan School of Metalsmithing Arts

A non-profit dedicated to aiding Bhutanese students with an interest in learning the metalsmithing trade.

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Thimphu, Bhutan
Park City, UT, USA

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Vision and Mission

Our Mission

We are a non-profit dedicated to providing young Bhutanese students with an opportunity to pursue a career in the arts of metalsmithing and jewelry making.

Education is Opportunity

Education is Opportunity

The metalsmithing trade provides an opportunity for students to earn a living for both themselves and their loved ones. This allows the proud people of Bhutan to have an active hand in nation building and enrich their local communities.

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De-suung Skilling Programs

De-suung Skilling Programs

The Bhutan School of Metalsmithing Arts operates as a De-suung skilling program. These "Guardians of Peace" skilling programs have been created by royal decree from His Majesty The King in an effort to promote community service, integrity, and civic responsibility by providing opportunity to the citizens of Bhutan.

Graduates of the De-suung programs are expected to volunteer during disasters and participate in charitable services throughout their lives.

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From Our Students

Thank you for being a truly outstanding teacher. Now you are not only our teacher, you are our parent, friend, and guide, all rolled into one person. A teacher like you is truly a gift. We will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

Twenty of us will be waiting for you to come back to Bhutan soon and help us in making our future brighter and clearer.
Safe journey and may you live thousands of years to help and motivate young minds like us to take the right direction.

Dawa Tshering


Together we can spread the Bhutanese message of love across the world.

If you or someone you know are able to help in anyway, please reach out and contact us. We're all ears!

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